From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:32 2004
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OK, Y'all,
        I sent "announcements" to many, but it is sometimes =

hard to tell who may feel "left out" vs. imposed upon and =

I do want to apologize to all friends who may feel overlooked.
Please accept my apology. =

         I was reluctant to impose personal stuff on the list - =

but I am now getting feedback from increasing numbers =

of people, so, those not interested, please just hit delete. =

        Here's the hot skinny:
        Michael Lee Blood & Angel B. Hayes are pleased =

to inform you they were pronounced Husband & Wife =

at 10:04PM, Sunday, July 15, 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
        We stayed at The Flamingo (of course). About a
block from our 22nd story room was an absolutely
humungus poster of two gay guys and a white tiger, all =

fixedly staring directly into our window. It struck me as =

a bit odd, at best, but never gave Angel a second=92s pause. =

I don=92t know why, exactly, though she did mention she =

thought it was sweet they had been togeather for such a =

long time. Personally, I thought it might have been sweet =

if they hadn=92t seemed so intently interested in our =

particular room. =

        In any event, there were a great many other things =

visible from our window, including the beautiful mountains
surrounding the city and innumerable hotels all devoted
to some particular "theme" and architecturally designed
accordingly. It was one huge neon lit adult Disneyland
         While we did not attend any of the many shows
on the strip, we played a few slot machines and stayed =

an extra night to dine at one of Emeril=92s restaurants located =

in that city. It was excellent and well worth staying for. =

        The heat in Las Vegas was astonishing, but most =

of our time was spent inside, anyway, so, it just made us =

that more thankful for our home in San Diego. It was =

especially neat eating next to a window overlooking =

waterfalls, huge koi and a dozen pink flamingos standing
among the palms with misting systems keeping them =

constantly humidified. =

        Only the minister and we were present at the ceremony. =

However, we hope you will share in our happiness by visiting =

the following URL to see the photos:
        Warm regards to all, Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Angel
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