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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:32 2004
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On Sun, 15 July 2001, Kelly Webb wrote:

> Hi, Chris,
> Woodleigh is big enough to be a major candidate for some extinction,
> no doubt about it! (There's an unexplained one at 205 million years
> ago.)
> You'll notice that this one's buried 100 meters deep. That is, it
> took 200,000,000 years or more to bury it only 100 meters; that 1/2
> meter per million years. The proposed (and undiscovered) 114 km crater
> that might have (should have) produced the Australasian tektites would
> have to be only 800,000 years old. How deep could it be buried (if at
> all)?
> Sterling K. Webb
> -----------------------

My opinion-- there will not be a 114 km crater, simply because the crater was formed in the air in a mega- Tunguska event. If anything at all is on the ground as evidence of such an event it will be a minor depression caused by the bottom of that atmospheric "crater" or blast front touching the ground.

So, in short, just because there is no clear and conclusive crater does not eliminate the terrestrial origin of tektites.

Tunguska events happen, have happened, and will happen again. And the range of magnitude is unknown.

Steve Schoner.

BTW-- I will be responding to your previous and very lengthy reply to my previous post. I see some major glaring errors in your assumptions, which I will point out in detail with proper rebuttals.

> Chris Sharp wrote:
> > Its in the area but wrong date?
> >
> > <http://www.mining-australia.com/features-crater.htm>
> >
> > Chris Sharp
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