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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:32 2004
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Philippe wrote:

> It seems difficult to find reliable data in old literature. In the
> same book another extract about Salles or Villefranche fall:
> "In march 1798, a fireball have got over the sky above Ville-
> franche near Lyon ... "

Hello All,

Here is an excerpt from an invited review in METEORITICS.
Anyone notice those three errors? I don't know if they are
only typos or if the original documents contain the same
errors. Enjoy finding them :-)

U.B. MARVIN (1996) E.F. Chladni (1756-1827) and the origins
of modern meteorite research (Meteoritics 31-5, 1996, 545-588;
excerpt from pp. 570-571):

The Fall at Salles, France, 1789: A Belated Report, 1803

In 1803 March, Etienne Marie Gilbert, the Marquise de Drée (1760-1848),
who was said to possess the finest mineral collection in France, wrote
in great excitement to the National Institute that he had examined one
more fallen stone. On a visit to Lyon in 1802 February, de Drée had
been told by Dr. Pétetin, president of the Medical Society of Lyon, of
the fall of a stone that had occurred at 8:00 p.m. in 1798 June 17 at
Salles, near Villefranche. Scarcely able to contain himself, de Drée
asked to see a sample. The doctor promised to send him one if he could
find it. Shortly thereafter, he had received the stone and de Drée
wrote: (1803a : 372):

I was struck with more than a grand surprise when I found in this stone
a perfect identity with the samples I have of those from Benares and
Wold Cottage; an identity not only manifested by the types of rock, and
by their mineralogical composition, but also by the effects resulting
from their movement in the fluid atmosphere!

In those years, person after person was experiencing the shock of
recognition that led to confirmation of an entirely new natural
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