[meteorite-list] Re : Barbotan and Agen two distinct falls?

From: philippe thomas <thomasmeteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:32 2004
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Hello Bernd,
thanks for yours comments.
It's seems difficult to find reliable data in old literature.
In the same book another extract about Salles or Villefranche fall :
"In march 1798, a fireball have got over the sky above Villefranche near
Lyon; it was shedding a vast light and we heard a lenghty whistle in his
path. After the fireball explode, we saw a stone fell in a vineyard. It was
a foot in diameter and it buried itself 20 pouces in the soil."
In this case, the fall description, date etc=8A are in agree with Monica
Grady's fifth edition of the Catalogue of Meteorites but further in the sam=
book the date of Laigle was false (1812 instead of 1803).
Best Regards,

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>=C0 : philippe thomas <thomasmeteorites_at_wanadoo.fr>
>Objet=A0: Barbotan and Agen two distinct falls?
>Date=A0: Sam 14 juil 2001 21:39

> philippe thomas a =E9crit:
>> Extrait du livre Les ph=E9nom=E8nes de la
>> nature de De Marl=E8s 1835 A=E9rolithes
> Bonsoir Philippe,
> Hello Listees,
> Merci beaucoup pour cet extrait int=E9ressant =E0 l'=E9gard de Barbotan
> et d'Agen! Thank you very much for this interesting passage from
> De Marl=E8s' book on aerolites!
> Yes, it's two distinct falls. The A g e n meteorite fell in 1814
> whereas Barbotan fell in 1790. Now, unfortunately, "Agen" is
> also a synonym for the Barbotan fall (see Monica Grady's Fifth
> Edition of The Catalogue Of Meteorites).
> But something seems to be inconsistent:
>> Vers la fin du mois d=B9ao=FBt 1789 ... une pierre d=B9environ quinze
>> pouces de diam=E8tre tomba ... Une portion de cette pierre a =E9t=E9
>> conserv=E9e au mus=E9e de Bordeaux.
> Where is this [missing] "portion" that is said to be preserved at the
> Museum of Bordeaux and is it still there? There is no entry, neither
> in the Fifth edition nor in the previous editions of the Catalogues!
>> Barbotan and Agen two distinct falls?
> What is indeed interesting is the fact that:
> 1) Barbotan and Agen are f a l l s.
> 2) Barbotan and Agen are French falls - only a few years part.
> 3) Barbotan and Agen have almost the same coordinates.
> 4) Barbotan and Agen are both H5 chondrites.
> 5) Barbotan and Agen are both veined.
> 6) Barbotan and Agen have similar olivine values:
> Barbotan: Olivine Fa19
> Agen : Olivine Fa20
> Well, this raises anew the question of whether there are meteorite
> streams out there. It would now be necessary to check the respective
> noble gas systematics and CRE ages to determine whether Agen is
> perhaps a "belated" member of the Barbotan fall.
> Best wishes,
> Bernd
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