[meteorite-list] Barbotan and Agen two distinct falls?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:31 2004
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philippe thomas a écrit:

> Extrait du livre Les phénomènes de la
> nature de De Marlès 1835 Aérolithes

Bonsoir Philippe,
Hello Listees,

Merci beaucoup pour cet extrait intéressant à l'égard de Barbotan
et d'Agen! Thank you very much for this interesting passage from
De Marlès' book on aerolites!

Yes, it's two distinct falls. The A g e n meteorite fell in 1814
whereas Barbotan fell in 1790. Now, unfortunately, "Agen" is
also a synonym for the Barbotan fall (see Monica Grady's Fifth
Edition of The Catalogue Of Meteorites).

But something seems to be inconsistent:

> Vers la fin du mois d¹août 1789 ... une pierre d¹environ quinze
> pouces de diamètre tomba ... Une portion de cette pierre a été
> conservée au musée de Bordeaux.

Where is this [missing] "portion" that is said to be preserved at the
Museum of Bordeaux and is it still there? There is no entry, neither
in the Fifth edition nor in the previous editions of the Catalogues!

> Barbotan and Agen two distinct falls?

What is indeed interesting is the fact that:

1) Barbotan and Agen are f a l l s.
2) Barbotan and Agen are French falls - only a few years part.
3) Barbotan and Agen have almost the same coordinates.
4) Barbotan and Agen are both H5 chondrites.
5) Barbotan and Agen are both veined.
6) Barbotan and Agen have similar olivine values:
   Barbotan: Olivine Fa19
   Agen : Olivine Fa20

Well, this raises anew the question of whether there are meteorite
streams out there. It would now be necessary to check the respective
noble gas systematics and CRE ages to determine whether Agen is
perhaps a "belated" member of the Barbotan fall.

Best wishes,

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