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Hey Susan. I am sure that you (And everybody else in africa) are familiar
with our wonderful mayor and his now infamous trip to kenya in support of
Torontos olympic bid?
What never made it to the news was that he also went to South Africa. He
says that when people in south africa get caught at the border with cultural
property that they put you into a big vat of boiling water, have natives
dance around you while playing drums, and then throw meteorites at you until
you are really tender like a ........
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>Dean, don't feel alone, the South African government is working on a form
>"meteorite police" at our airports & border posts...
>Extracts from a previous post to the list:
>South African Heritage Resources Association (Sahra) archaeologist Mary
>Leslie of Cape Town, said: ' In terms of the Heritage Resources Act, no one
>may collect, own, or trade in any form of geological or archaeological
>object so therefore the 85kg meteorite has no actual monetary value because
>it cannot be sold.'
>She conceded, however, that there was a gap for meteorites to find their
>out of the country and onto international markets where fragments were
>traded freely and lucratively.
>'We are tightening up our security at customs points, and a Sahra official
>will soon be appointed to make sure that people are not taking the
>fragments, or their registered collections, out of the country,' she said.
>Dean Bessey wrote:
>But farmer. you miss the importance of this meteorite. If the meteorite
>200 miles to the south in New York it would just be another crummy ole
>Not something worth $1 a gram. HOWEVER. Hagersville is special. It is
>national cultural property. Canada was molded and shaped to the society
>it is today because of this meteorite.
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