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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:31 2004
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But farmer. you miss the importance of this meteorite. If the meteorite fell
200 miles to the south in New York it would just be another crummy ole iron.
Not something worth $1 a gram. HOWEVER. Hagersville is special. It is
national cultural property. Canada was molded and shaped to the society that
it is today because of this meteorite. An intergalactic event 3.874 billion
years and 12 days ago (Really early in canadas history - just a young nation
at the time) some meteorite in space collided with hagersville and set it on
a path that would bring it to canada rather than 200 miles south in new york
state where it origionally planned to fall 4.5 billion years ago when
everything was decided that was supposed to fall in place after they set off
one to many fireworks and created the big bang.
As a result of this, a few years ago when some government official needed a
name for a community, they called the town "Hagersville" - after the
hagersville meteorite.
So as you can see, this chunk of rusty iron is a cool bargain at $30,000. It
is a symbol of the culture that shaps Canada today. Canada will forever be
changed because of the hagersville meteorite. And you can be a part of
canadian history for the low price of only $1 a gram (About what the
department of culture itself is worth).
Dont beleive me? Do you think that I am making this up? I have a law backing
up what I say. What I say is positively true. You cant argue with the law -
and the law says that i am right on this one.
We also have a law protecting our Television and radio industry. Canadians
need protection from Howard Stern because of his language so we get a 15
minute delay in the Howard stern radio broadcasts so that the local radio
stations can edit out anything that Howard Stern says that is to vulgar for
our poor, helpless, and impressionable canadian ears. (Works great to cut
out commercials since when they have a commercial on howard stern you can
then switch over the the buffalo radio station which is 15 minutes ahead and
still listen - only works once each morning though).
Yes, the Canadian department of culture sure protects us from freezing up
here thats for sure eh boy. The country would surely not be the same without
big brother looking over us and keeping us all nice and comfy wither we like
it or not.
For the protection of delicate ears and culture everywhere

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