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I now have seen the two abstracts in place on their respective LPSC CD ROMS
and they are correct as listed below.


Lawson, S. L., Feldman, W. C, Moore, K. R., Lawrence, D. J., Maurice, S.,
Bellan, R. D., and Binder, A. B., 2001, Preliminary results from the Lunar
Prospector Alpha Particle Spectrometer. XXXII (32nd) LPSC, Houston, March,
12-16, Abstract (radon, etc). #2160 pdf

Schultz, P. H., Staid, M., and Pieters, C. M., 2000, Recent lunar activity:
evidence and implications. XXXI (31st) LPSC, Houston, March 13-17,
Abstract. #1919 pdf

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