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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:30 2004
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John, With all due respects, I, and many others think that the tektite issue is a very important one for discussion and certainly a hot topic with many researchers today-- not in all in the same box as the Nakhla dog.

The dog is dead-- Long live the dog!

Steve Schoner.

On Tue, 10 July 2001, John Gwilliam wrote:

> <html>
> It's time to put this tektite subject in a box and bury it next to the
> Nakhla dog issue.&nbsp; They will both certainly find a way to dig
> themselves back to the surface and reappear on this list six months from
> now.&nbsp; There has to be something else to talk about out there in
> cyberland...<br>
> <br>
> John Gwilliam<br>
> <br>
> At 09:41 PM 7/9/01 -0600, Joseph Hum wrote:<br>
> <br>
> <blockquote type=cite cite>we do not know enough about the moon<br>
> believe it or not, to rule it out!<br>
> our sampling endeavors are laughable<br>
> we wait around to hope to find more meteorites<br>
> we should have gone to the moon and stayed<br>
> the finicky wishy washy public lost enthusiasm<br>
> to generate the political will<br>
> it was from many points of view a major mistake<br>
> not to have initiated and maintained a base there<br>
> &nbsp;<br>
> Regards, Karl<br>
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