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<< BTW was a terresterial age established for Powellsville?
 Elton >>

Not that I know of, but I'd be interested to hear more info regarding
terrestrial age. I had no idea that Powellsville could be a possible
witnessed fall......nice one! :-)
The ~4kg individual I have here is pretty weathered but certainly nowhere
near the point where it's beginning to crumble and self destruct. Fusion
crust is still present but now stained to quite a bright orangey colour with
only a few patches of black remaining. It also has a deep scar on one side
caused by the farmer who ran his plough over the top of it.
Interestingly, one slice that was cut from the first mass had a deep red
inclusion in the matrix which was suspected of being corundum....Alan could
probably tell you more about this as he's the one who cut it and first
spotted the inclusion. I've passed that slice to a well known researcher and
it's still in analysis.

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