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I now have email responses from the 'senior' authors of both of the
abstracts in question that are listed below. I was correct on the abstract
by Lawson et al. Stefanie L. Lawson at Los Alamos National Laboratory sent
me a website that includes the 32nd LPSC held in March, 2001.

Regarding the more critical abstract, Peter H. Schultz (Brown Univ.) informs
me that it is on the LPSC CDROM for the year 2000. I was off by one year.
My "excuse" for being off by one year is, that, whoever sent me the
information on these two abstracts had written March, 2001 dates on both of
them. Not being able to run the LPSC CD ROMS in my computer, I assumed (a
no no) that they both were from the 2001 LPSC, as I knew of no other
conference being held last March. In any case, I won't rest now until I can
run the LPSC CD ROMS in my computer and see these abstracts for myself.
Next on my agenda for today is to attempt to hire some computer expert to
solve my problems with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Lawson, S. L., Feldman, W. C, Moore, K. R., Lawrence, D. J., Maurice, S.,
Bellan, R. D., and Binder, A. B., 2001, Preliminary results from the Lunar
Prospector Alpha Particle Spectrometer. XXXII (32nd) LPSC, Houston, March
12-16, Abstract (radon, etc).

Schultz, P. H., Staid, M., and Pieters, C. M., 2000, Recent lunar activity:
evidence and implications. XXXI (31st) LPSC, Houston, March 13-17,

By the way, Schultz states that their abstract should be found by searching
the author index under his name. And Lawson states "Please keep in mind
that these results are only very preliminary."

Darryl Futrell
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