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From: P. Gessler <cetuspa_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:30 2004
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are they lunar or terrestrial?

I believe NININGER thought tektites were of lunar origin and so did BOB
HAAG as of 1997.

I am still undecided even after all the list posts on the topic.

Futrell did mail me a large envelope full of very well gathered evidence
to support his case ( juxtapositional photos, articles, scientific
write-ups ). He has in the past offered anyone who is willing to send
him their address all this and more free of charge!

Free of charge may no longer apply?

Schoner has also been very generous with quick and timely responses to
anything relating to this topic, including very in depth analytical

Even with all this (in my opinion) I think both theories need stronger

How bad does that suck? The whole debate reminds me of the last
presidential election.

Why don't we all take a list wide poll?
Are tektites:

1) lunar
2) terrestrial
3) undecided

and while we're at it (LIST) do you think it is possible for a tektite
to have been created here on Earth during an impact, then having reached
escape velocity (while others fell back to earth) continued on its
voyage past the confines of earths gravitational pull, then simply
plunked down on the moon??? somewhere near the Muong Nuong anorthosite

Paul Gessler
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