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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:29 2004
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On Wed, 04 July 2001, "Ed Majden" wrote:

> I just received in the mail, a Tagish Lake micromount from Alaska. For
> the first time ever, I was charged GST and Provincial Tax on the specimen
> plus a cross border handling fee of $5:00. Has this happened to any other
> Canadian when importing meteorite samples from outside of the country? This
> is VERY annoying as meteorites are usually priced in US dollars subjecting
> us to high exchange rates and now these other charges! This of course is
> NOT the fault of the dealer but our restrictive import and postal laws. :-(
> Any comments?
> Ed

Here is another interesting scenario as a result of importing back into Canada, Canadian meteorites.

What happens if that Canadian customer wants to sell it to someone outside of Canada?

It had an export permit to get out, but does it need another to get out again?

Better keep those receipts....

Or could this be a way of getting around the Canadian Meteorite Laws?

Ah! A Canadian "Meteorite Mafia" !

Fake receipts, or receipts duplicated. The result of Canadian bureaucratic red tape, and ways of getting around it.

Steve Schoner.

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