[meteorite-list] Anthrax and FARMER mistake

From: P. Gessler <cetuspa_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:07 2004
Message-ID: <3A787001.5574B081_at_home.com>

Hello everybody:

I was just at Wallmart up here in Victoria Canada and cops were swarming
the place. Apparently someone sent an envelope containing Anthrax spores
to the manager from Florida. No kidding! Scared the _____ out of me!
Will watch the outcome and evacuation on TV at home tonight if I am not
dead. By the way I love all of you. did I ever mention that? I
especially Love Strope and Farmer right now.

Before the evacuation I was in the magazine section reading Astronomy
Mag....article on meteorite hunting......great pictures, one of Mike
Farmer and on the next page another picture of someone 20 years older
with longer hair who is apparently also Mike Farmer. What gives? Who is
that! It says Mike Farmer but it aint him.

By the way how come the subscriber page at meteoritecentral.com won't
let people join. Like me, I dropped my old e-mail add. and cant
reapply???? Have to read the archives everyday just to stay tuned. Can
anyone help me here?

Sincerely: Paul Gessler
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