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>So let me get this strait.
>(1)We coolect them because they are from outer space.
>(2)They are interesting because they are from outer space.
>(3)We are willing to pay 5 times as much for an equally good and comparably
>meteorite if we happen to know exactly where it fell with the GPS place of
>found instead of only knowing within 200 miles.
>So that means that the value of a meteorite is only 20% because it is from
>the asteroid belt and 80% of the value is knowing what side of the road
>it fell on.
>Since you are more concerned with where it fell than the fact that it is
>from outer space why not collect plain old earth rocks that you can get for
>free and know exactly what the coordinates are? You lose 20 percent of the
>value and save 100% of the cost.
>My two centavos
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