[meteorite-list] Radioactive Meteorites?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:06 2004
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The story is true! This is why I sold all of my meteorites! Last year in
Tucson I noticed one of the Russian meteorite hunter's ears were much bigger
than the year before and his girlfriend was at the pool and she had a cute
little furry tail!
I am sure glad that I sold all of my Brahin before I got dain bramage!

xxxx, MC

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> Hello, List!
> Yes, gentlemen, story about "5 foot tall" rabbits could be truth; I saw
> gaints carp fishies, completely bald wild dogs and caught one beetle on
> legs. All those creatures - mutants. All Brahin's pallasite strew field
(near 5
> km wide and 15 km long) is within the radioactive zone.
> Sincerely,
> Konstantin Kopylov
> Webster,TX.
> John Gwilliam wrote:
> > During dinner, the subject about possible radioactive Brahin specimens
> > came up. Evidently, part of the Brahin strew field is within the "hot"
> > at the Chernobyl reactor accident site. Warning markers show where the
> > boundary of the "hot" zone is. Blennert told me that a few years ago,
> > told him a story about hunting near this line of markers while hunting
> > pallasites. Certainly those meteorites closer to the actual power plant
> > melt down would be radioactive. The odd part of this story was not about
> > meteorite, but rabbits. Ivan claimed to have seen numerous 5 foot tall
> > rabbits in the same area. While looking across the table at Ivan. I
> > him if these monster rabbits might not have actually been closer to
> > to 2 feet tall. I've seen some pretty big jackrabbits out here in the
> > Western United states, so I could believe the story if the rabbits were
> > feet tall. "No", was Ivan's reply, "five feet". I tried not to laugh
> > while counting in my head how many beers he had drank up to that
> > point. Looking back at Ivan, all I saw was more straight face.....
> > poker-faced straight if you know what I mean.
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