[meteorite-list] Tektite surface morphology

From: David Weir <dweir_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:06 2004
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Hello Joseph,

In a Science article titled "Tektites That Were Partially Plastic after
Completion of Surface Sculpturing", July 7, 1967, vol.157, No. 3784,
written by Nininger and Huss, this very subject was examined in light of
two indochinites that show this type of streching while still in the
plastic state. They state that if the tektites had been etched by soil
acids, the stretch areas would have been etched to a similar degree as
the rest of the tektite, which as Joseph points out is not the case.
They conclude that what was previously thought to be etching by ground
acids was actually due to aerodynamic sculpting. The internal heating
demonstrated by the plastic stretching is also further evidence that the
tektites did not arrive as individuals, in which case the only heating
would be on the exterior from friction. Rather, they believe they were
thrown off by a large rapidly rotating body within the atmosphere.

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