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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:06 2004
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Greetings Listees:

"Meteorite" magazine publisher Joel Schiff airmailed me a couple of
advance issues of the new (Feb. 2001) issue, and they arrived today.

Veteran subscribers will notice a major change in the magazine's
appearance! I've been working on a cover re-design for "Meteorite"
for some months, and that new look is unveiled with this issue -- in
full color.

Several List members recently posted questions about the Glorieta
Mountain pallasite, and those questions will (hopefully) be answered
by my article in the current issue -- "Legend of Glorieta Mountain."
The cover photograph is a beautiful color image of a complete
polished and etched slice of Glorieta, courtesy of Darryl Pitt.

I'd like to recommend that new collectors, and those new to the
Meteorite List consider subscribing to this most interesting
publication, and that they visit the "Meteorite" website at:
http://www.meteor.co.nz/ "Meteorite" carries a good blend of
scientific and historic articles, together with some great
meteorite-hunting adventure stories. Now is a great time to
subscribe, as the publisher is currently offering a free Sahara
meteorite with every new subscription.

The contents for the Feb. 2001 issue are as follows:

- "A Meteorite Crater in the Backyard" David Coleman

- "When Meteorites Come in Numbers -- Munich 2000" Christian Pinter

- "Antarctica 2000: Searching for Meteorites and Microbes" Paul Sipiera

- "Third International Gifhorn Meteorite Fair" Klaus Becker

- "Legend of Glorieta Mountain" Geoffrey Notkin

- "The Tagish Lake Meteorite Recovery Expedition (Part 2)"
Plotkin, McCausland, and Brown

- "Source of the Australasian Tektites?" Michael Paine

- "When Meteorite Meets Car" Oscar Turone

Plus letters, news, Editor's column, etc.

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends in Tucson in
a few days' time, and making some new ones. Thanks to the many List
members who sent me RSVPs for the Meteor Mayhem Birthday Bash on Feb.
1, hosted by Steve Arnold of I.M.B., and myself. It should be quite
an event : ) Anyone who'd like to make a last-minute RSVP is most
welcome to do so, up until midnight tomorrow (Sunday).

It's showtime!


Geoff N.

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