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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:06 2004
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I have a vibro tumbler and have been using it quite successfully for several
years to remove rust from small individual irons. Walnut shells work very
well. The key is not to put too many irons in at the same time, and to be
vigilant and patient. Sometimes it takes a week or more. Check daily until
you get the results you want. Any deep regmaglypts may need touchup with a
wire brush.


>Michael is away from his computer and asked that I pass this along....
>Michael Blood wrote:
>> Hi Elton & all,
>> BUT you are forgetting - or may be unfamiliar with the newer
>> "Vibro Tumbler"s. These things can operate without water and
>> you can choose a VERY wide variety of "agents" to grind or polish,
>> from walnut shells to cork particles.
>> I suspect these machines could be used with the proper mediums
>> to turn our polished meteorite speciemens (stones).
>> I have seen irons and if they are not done by hand, they loose
>> MUCH of their character (by grinding it away).
>> Best wishes, Michael
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