[meteorite-list] Re: Tumblin' Stoney Space Rocks

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:06 2004
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Dear Elton and all,

We have tumbled some fragments of our CO3 (DaG 749, 95 kg). All have been
polished by desert wind, but we have increased that desert varnish and now
you can see some metal and the incredible variety of chondrules. The quality
we have obtained is similar to the quality of our CO3 slices (binocular
quality, polished on both side). You can see the result at this address:


Best Regards,
Richard & Roland Pelisson

> Interesting idea and if they did tumble successfully , due to differential
> grinding, you might have a surface which resembled toad skin. Common
> chondrite meteorites may appear "hard" but they lack interlocking crystal
> structures which make other stones polish up in the tumbler. Meteorites
> are non-homogeneous rocks. You might be able to tumble them one at a time
> and not have them break. (Anyone have some meteorites they
> are willing to bang together for a few hours to see what is left?...Didn't
> think so.) Since it is not my meteorite being tested....I'd like
> to know what turns out. We have had this discussion before and the
> consensus then was that it was undoable.
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