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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:05 2004
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I want to thank everyone who responded. My friend was impressed at the
relative quickness to the responses.

He was disappointed to hear that the concensus feels that the stony material
won't make it. HOWEVER, he just saw my second meteorite that arrived this
morning. Sahara 00173 slice. It is awesome, and has lots of metal throughout
the matrix and he is undaunted, He ran off to meet with some people from his
homeland in Brazil who are gem and stone cutting or faceting Gurus. These
guys are like the experts in the trade when it comes to grading and cutting
and finishing gem stones. He really wants to work with meteorite material and
is now thinking he can some how take whole pieces and remove the stone parts
in a way to expose the irons and nickels in the natural way they moved into
the stone matrix while molten, and then polished the remaining metal and
stone into artwork.

So he is off and I am going back to my new slice, It isn't that notable a
piece except it is MY first slice! I am as giddy as a kid and loving it!

Thanks again everyone, I will let you know when my buddy is in the market for
a piece to work on.

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