[meteorite-list] UNCUT NWAs (was, "Unclassified NWAs")

From: John Gwilliam <jkgdiver_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:05 2004
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At 11:09 PM 1/24/01 -0800, Michael Blood wrote:
>Rhett Bourland wrote:
> >......An open forum to report and discuss such problems such as
> >this list is needed so that the honest people out there can stay one
> >step ahead of the unscrupulous individuals out there.
>Hi Rhett & all,
> I have only one question: WHAT "unscrupulous individuals out
> there?" I
> However, I am sure that if details of HOW to defraud are continuously
>bandied about SOMEONE will take the bait and give
>it a go. I think that would be unfortunate. I also am convinced it
>would be a classic illustration of the self fulfilling prophecy.
> On the other hand - I have expressed my opinon on this twice,
>now, and will not further press the issue.
> Best wishes, Michael
Rhett, Michael and List,
This is one of those issues that deals with more than one problem. First
of all, I can agree with Michael who is concerned about providing not only
an idea of a new scam to unscrupulous people, but also instructions about
how to actually do it. The subject definitely needs to be talked about in
order to bring to light a variety of solutions. The diversity of this list
can provide that. However, too much information or too many ideas posted
in a public forum can end up being viewed by anyone.

Secondly, I can agree with Rhett. The only way the problem can ever be
prevented or controlled is for all of the information, ideas, remedies and
"what ifs" to be put on the table.

I know there are people who will claim that a known but unclassified
meteorite is a new find. The temptation is there and you don't have to be
a rocket scientist to figure out that a new find in Arizona or California
is worth a LOT more money than any of the common material that is available
in quantity.

On several occasions, I have had people say to me it would be easy to take
one of these unclassified stones and claim it was found here in the
USA. In so doing, they would be in possession of a valuable meteorite and
also get their "15 minutes of fame". As recently as two months ago, I had
a fellow who knew nothing about meteorites approach me about becoming a
meteorite dealer. He understood the basic concept of Commerce 101- "buy
low, sell high". Several hours of conversation revealed the sole purpose
for his interest in meteorites was to make, in his own words, "a bunch of
money". He didn't even want to know the names of individual
meteorites. The locations of Africa, Australia or Russia were all he
wanted to know. It didn't take him very long to "invent" the idea of
discovering a new Arizona meteorite. Believe me........if this guy can
come up with this idea, so can anyone else.

  When dealing with human beings, money, power and recognition; I believe
caution is imperative. I also believe it is just as important to be
level-headed and not let paranoia start making your decisions for
you. Finding the balance point is the key.

Best to All,

John Gwilliam

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>created them.
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