[meteorite-list] Massive Location Fraud Why it can't work(wasUNCUT NWAs )

From: E.L.Jones <jonee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:05 2004
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Points to ponder... This is why location fraud on a large scale is a no
win situation.

So you want to seed a field with cheap meteorites.... Consider why you
are NOT going to get away with it....

1. Remember "Nuevo M" and how they became NovaXXX? Petrology proved
them transplanted Australian stones.

2. Is anyone suggesting that we can identify meteorites from Mars by
matching exotic gasses 3 billion years old--but we can't identify
Saharan peculiar pollen, spores, fungi, insect larvae, and mineral grain
characteristics? FBI seems to think they can do it pretty well! They
can ID sand from about 98% of the worlds locations as I recall--and
North Africa/Lybia is in that database. Remember that these have sat
upon the ground long enough to collect " moss de locale" and If I bring
them to another site, I get additional "moss" a top of the last batch.
Not to hard to follow my world tour without travel stickers

3. I might sneak one stone by someone, but not all stones by everyone.
If I expect to pass a whole parcel in front of science and collectors,
I had better insure I have recovered EVERY last fragment of that fall
or I will leave a petrological "DNA" sample at the original site. Don't
mix up any stone not from the same fall, either. Plus, Etch each and
every stone-- from crust to each center hairline crack to remove any

4. Salting rarely works anymore... Chemistry and communications are too
sophisticated. For Example, Fake Gold strikes are still salted with real
gold nuggets...The novice buyer doesn't go beyond a simple assay to find
that an identical gold alloy/ore is found a continent away. There are
now, databanks in the gold industry which record the metallurgical
signatures of gold deposits. This is to prevent miners from high-grading
ore out in their lunch boxes and then marketing it in the future as
being from their recreational claims. In the not so distant future,
meteorite metallurgy will be on a digital searchable database and
orphaned stones will be matched with their siblings. Also, within 10
years, It will be possible to nondestructively test/analyze minerals and
meteorites with a hand-held, laser/microwave spectrometer and collect
data on local variations in mineral deposits to the accuracy of ore body
signature... Think what it will do for the field identification of

5. If I didn't collect these salts myself , I bought them from someone
AND someone, somewhere, likely has a photo of them. IT WILL show up.

6. Who now owns a cattle ranch big enough to salt this 50-100 kilos of
common chondrites upon? Ownership issues being what they are.... Surely
you aren't going to place these on land you don't own yourself?

There is just no percentage in it .........as the saying goes

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