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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:03 2004
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Hello list,

I am happy to say that the FAQ page is coming along
nicely, but I need more questions. As some questions
have been duplicated by list members, I thought I
should post the questions submitted to date.

Hopefully this will prevent you from duplicating the
lists efforts and jog your noggin for more questions.

Please respond off-list with further submissions, or
you can e-mail me at Ari_at_mediaright.tv

Here goes nut'n...

                      What is a meteorite?

What exactly is a meteorite?

                     Identifying a meteorite?

How can I differentiate between a meteorite and a
terrestrial rock?

Where can I have a test performed to see if I have a

                    Learning more about meteorites

Are meteorites hot when they fall?

How are meteorites named?
What are meteorites made of?

How are meteorites classified and what do the
classifications mean?

Are there special magnifiers or microscopes that work
well for meteorites.

What is a thin slice? Why are they interesting?

                  Buying a meteorite

Can people actually buy meteorites? Where?

I recently heard you could buy pieces of the Moon and
Mars, is this true?

Is it safe to buy meteorites on Ebay?

How can I determine fair market value for a meteorite?

What are the cheapest and most expensive meteorites?

          Caring for your meteorites

What are the best ways to store and protect my
meteorites from rust?

My iron meteorite is getting rusty. Can I clean it?

I am told that my meteorite has "caliche". How can I
get rid of it?

How do I remove saw marks from a meteorite

My meteorite slice has a dull surface. Can I polish
it? How?


What are some good books on Meteorites? Where can I
get them?

Where can I buy a Reiker mount?

Where can I buy a meteal detector? Which metal
detector is right for me?

or just reply to this e-mail with more questions.

Thanks all!


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