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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:03 2004
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I agree with Rob. I totally respect Steve's opinion and I admire him for
being able to make such a strong stand for what he believes in. I may not
agree with it though because I don't have all that much money and want to
fill that hole in my collection. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have
5g piece of DaG262. I just can't afford it though. So for the time being
I'll be happy to look up at the moon and know that, even though its very
small, I do have a piece of it.

Rhett Bourland

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Steve Schoner wrote:
>They are at the very best no more than a "curiosity" to satisfy the
collecting whims of those who just have to have that piece to fill a
hole in their hearts or their collections...

This seems a little harsh. While there are many on this list with the
trade resources or capital to afford large specimens of ultra-rare
meteorites, I tend to believe that there are many more who rely on a few
specks here and there to bridge the gaps in rare types. I own a set of
the SNC triad and they are all specks along with Governadore Valadares.
I have other larger specimens of Mars material, but the only way I could
ever afford the original three are these specks. I am proud to own them
and I see them as more than a "curiosity". The recent thread has pointed
out the potential for falsification and that possibility is true. How do
I know for sure they are authentic? I don't. There must an element of
trust and faith in the dealers you choose to do business with. I will
never have them tested to verify authenticity, I didn't require a
cetificate from the dealer. There is a saying; "Someone could take a
crap in a box and put a guarantee on it but you're only going to get a
guaranteed piece of crap." Your best bet is to buy from a reputable
deler you trust.
To conclude,I again state many of us would never have a chance of owning
Mars, Moon, and a handfull of others without someone saving out the
cutting loss for those of us that don't sell/trade/find them for a
Rob Wesel

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