[meteorite-list] Future of Meteorite Collecting Linked to Commercial Fossil Controversy

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:03 2004
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>Steve Schoner wrote:
>SRS> Bob, we see it the "handwriting on the wall" but does the rest >of the
>meteorite collecting community see it. What is the solution? >An
>association-- but there is no one with the courage or gumption to >carry it
>through. Meteorites are not like rare fossils. You can't >give the
>government half or a portion of a dino skeleton, or egg, and >satisfy the
>demands of science. Meteorites-- they are different. >One can satisfy the
>demands of science with a portion. And that can, >if we form an
>association, lobby our legislators, have the laws that >will be enacted
>allow for provisions that would not outlaw meteorite >collecting or
>seriously curtail it. Too many agendas, and the powers >to be will conquer
>our divided ranks. Steve Schoner
Steve hit the nail dead on with that posting (particularly take note of that
last sentence). As more money gets involved governments will get more
involved like they do with regularly outlawing fossil collecting sites which
means that collectors and scientists dont learn more about the earths
history since rich fossil sites stop having great new and important
discoveries after searching them is outlawed. (Or with the laws concerning
artifacts that is more based on money rather than the "cultural" aspect that
it is supposed to - Seems odd that artifact laws only get enforced with
items with a high monetary value rather than its historical importance).
Think about what future scientific knowledge would be lost if Libya, Morocco
and the United States put in place draconian meteorite laws that hampers
science and results in meteorites rusting away rather than being collected
and studied like Canada and Australia has done. (Or keeps collectors from
adding exciting new stuff to their collections). Just look at all of the
Tagish Lake that was lost and is now rusting at the bottom of a very cold
lake due to the canadian government handling of the situation - with the
full support of the Canadian government and the laws of the land). Dont
think that it cant happen.
Geez. I am agreeing with Steve. I must be wrong on this one. (Just kidding)

what would happen if the United states, libya
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