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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:02 2004
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On Mon, 22 January 2001, Michael Blood wrote:

> Gee Whiz, Steve,
> I just didn't realize your way of looking at it was the only one that
> mattered! No use any one else saying anything about this
> topic. Thanks for setting us all strait.
> Michael
> --

It is my opinion, and I stand by and on my opinion. You are entitled you your opinion as I am mine.

But I will say this, my love of meteorites as recognizable meteorites does not allow me the luxury to smash them up into little tiny unrecognizable pieces, tack a "cert of authenticity" to them then hawk them onto those who don't know enough to see beyond the hype.

Sorry if my "opinion" offends you, but sorry I will keep and speak out my opinion.

BTW- it is based on many years of experience, and a deep love for the hobby and the desire to see rare and valuable meteorites preserved as meteorites that are recognizable as such.

These specks that you and the other "speck" dealers hawk onto those with not enough collection experience to see what they really are-- You will NEVER see me doing that.
And if this position offends you-- so be it-- it is your problem-- not mine. My standards are higher when it comes to what I consider collectible material. Steve Schoner AMERICAN METEORITE SURVEY

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