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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:02 2004
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Hi list,
My name is Mark, I am 40, been to college do the computer thing for a living.

I joined the list about two months ago and would like to make an observation.
Until I stumbled across The Meteorite-Central web site, I never knew that any
were ever for sale.

First thing I did was follow some links and look at prices. WOW real
meteorites for sale.
I didn't buy anything, I did some research. I joined this list and began to
find out that the Meteorite community has its share of every kind of
thinkers. And that there is alot to learn, and if you are not careful you
will get taken.

This is not any different than any other type of collecting. My friend who
has infinitely more money than I collects rare coins. He is intense in his
collecting. He knows all the most reputable dealers, he bought a coin once
that was flown here on a learjet by a courrier. He just got slammed dunked on
a deal that was around $4k. He bought it from a good dealer, the coin was
certified, then he had it rechecked and they rescinded the certification,
everybody lost on the deal. It is a real coin, but it is far less valuable
than once thought due to the fact that someone had a few more and they are
now available.

My point is there will always be those out for just profit, pure science,
pure collecting, and pure scamming. And sometimes even the most reputable
people will make mistakes. Stick with who you know and trust. Anyone willing
to certify something usually offers to buy it back if you find it to be not
genuine. Thats a good thing stand by your product like that and I will buy
from you.
Will I or anyone else ever buy slag or something other than the real item,
Yes. But not if we are careful. Do I want a certificate, It is nice, rather
have a handshake and someone who is willing to buy it back if it turns out
they were mistaken.

As for specks, well they are nice, but until we have REAL martian soil
brought back to earth and analyzed for comparison I say any purchase of Mars
specks is speculative at best. But I am a newbie and that is only one opinion.

Seems to me that there is enough room in this meteorite thing for every kind
of collector. Dealers will come and go, some will be dirt. Sooner or later it
will find its own level. Everything always does. Fortunately there are more
meteors hitting us everyday.

I enjoy everyones input, You all obviously know way more about space than I.
I used to prospected for gold, it was fun, there were cheats. I recently met
up with a friend that I made when I used to prospect. It seems that most of
all the people that you could take on their word are the only ones still in
business after 15 years of my absense. I bought a golfball size nugget that
is beautifully encrusted with quartz from him on its description
only...waited two weeks for him to get back home and send it. I got it today
and saw it for the first time and I am a little disappointed.....That my old
friend charged me WAY TOO LITTLE for this piece...But what are friends for

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