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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:02 2004
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On Sun, 21 January 2001, Michael Blood wrote:

> Randy Mils wrote:
> > At least now we can rest assured that there will probably not be any ebay shill bidding occuring while the Tucson show is going on. ____________________________________________________Randy,
> What do you mean by this? Do you really think people on
> the list ofdealers going to Tucson are engaging in shill bidding
> on eBay? If so, let's hear who - and right now. If anyone is doing so,
> I believe thedeserve public chastizement and criminal prosecution!
> Otherwise, I think you owe us all an apology.
> Sincerely, Michael Blood


Without pouring gas on the coals again-- I agree with Mr. Mills. Shill bidding IS A PROBLEM AT EBAY.

I think though that for him to have painted the claim with so broad a brush is a bit much-- But the fact is that it does happen, and there are probably some on this list that have indeed done it.

PROVING IT! Now that is the rub...

This is the biggest problem that I have with Ebay meteorite auctions, and I for this reason alone will not personally offer, or make offers on any meteorites on Ebay. (I placed bids a few times in the past and became chilled by it when I suspected shill bidding. I will not name the ones I suspect, but if they did it, THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE!)

This aside, there are some very fine dealers that deal there, but as for me I will not have my name polluted in the murky waters of "E" bay.

(use some imagination and figure out what I think the "E" stands for).

(Now in the business full time)

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