[meteorite-list] NWA & Saharan meteorites : )

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:02 2004
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Careful, you may get what you ask for. Some NWAs would make great tax
deductions :)

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Regarding NWA's... I'm not a sophisticted collector yet. I love em. I love
everything about em... except not knowing gps or what associates with
what... but even so. I sure do like em. I've never seen a meteorite I
didn't like... Not a single crusty moth eaten shard. I like em all. Any
you don't want... just leave for me or send em on over. I still go through
my gutters with a magnet on a regular basis and sort through the muck under
a microscope to collect the microspheres. I collect those to. Nothing to
big, to small, or to worn. If it's a meteorite, it is a friend o mine. I
sit at the microscope gazing lovingly into the interiors of my simple L6's
for hours upon end. I scan the surfaces repeatedly the same way... tracing
through the remains of fusion crust for interesting features... flow lines,
partially separated globules, interesting bits of metal poking through... or
just the byproducts of terrestrialization. Shattered... That just gives me
a nice look at the boundary between fusion crust and interior and a 3
dimensional look at the interior structure... polished is nice to. As far
as I'm concerned, there isn't such a thing as a boring, uninteresting, or
undesireable meteorite. Still enchanted by the fact that they fell from
-Robert Beauford : )
I'll just put my address down here so you all know where to send all those
nasty old NWA's or anything else you don't want around. : )
Robert Beauford
HC 71 Box 2B
Taos, NM 87571

> Hi Matt & Ron,
> I think we can all agree that the common, highly weathered, small
> fragments that look like someone took a pick to a hardpan cliff hold
> little interest. Even they, however, if cheap enough, can be used to
> give to wide eyed kids - a "freebe" first stone meteorite. They are,
> after all, meteorites - just VERY dull and uninteresting to
> usexperienced and "sophisticated" (read jaded) individuals.
> However, for me to spend $150/kg for a pile of that stuff
> would require it be available in 100 or 200g lots, as I certainly
> would have no interest in sinking $150 (or is there a 5 or 10 KG
> "minimum"?) into a pile of "scrap." Don't run into THAT many
> kids....They make the worst of the Gold Basin material look
> "fascinating" in comparison. Still, they would be nice "givaways" & I
> would certainly put up with "some" to get the material Ron wrote about,
> but, that would require going to NWA & all the shots & $ that would
> entail.
> With my luck, every nomad would tell me, "Gee, last week we sold 14
> camel packs of different kinds to some other crazy Europeans & Americans
> - some were black as the night & others looked like half a ball, with
> little lines comming off the center and.....Of course we had to charge
> them $20 per kilo for the black ones...."
> Sorta like, "This morning the surf was 8 feet and PERFECT form!" or
> "Man, an hour ago the fish were bitin' like you wouldn't believe!" Of
> course, they would have plenty that looked like it came out of a wheel
> barrow at a demolition site. "These are only
> $10 per kilo!" Yippie.
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