[meteorite-list] re: Great deals on some canyon diablos :)

From: Walter Branch <waltbranch_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:01 2004
Message-ID: <00b501c0831b$69259440$0a4ebfa8_at_computer>

Hello Mike, Matt and List,

I agree with both of you.

As for that CD - well, someone will buy the lot, then become very
disenchanted with meteorites when they realize what they have done.

As for my personal collecting interrests, with few exceptions, I can't say
that I have been interested in anything with the designation, NWA - XXXX. I
like meteorites with stories behind them. Interesting ones from a
scientific, historical or cultural perspective. I recently got the most
calcium carbonated crusted Gold Basin you have ever seen and I love it. I
have added it to my "teaching collection" as a great example of a highly
weathered meteorite (not all finds are in pristine condition, you know :-)
and I like it better than any NWA/Morocco/Saharan/unclassified/possible
transported/ meteorite I have seen. It has a nice story behind it.

Now, I realize that others may not share my collecting interests and that is
wonderful. It's nice that we live in such a diverse world with people who
have different predilections.

As for selling, I won't be selling any NWA unclassified material, either by
the gram or kg.

Best wishes,


Walter Branch, Ph.D.
Branch Meteorites
322 Stephenson Ave., Suite B
Savannah, GA 31405 USA
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