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From: Matt Morgan <mmorgan_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:01 2004
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Hi Michael and Ron:
I see your point, clearly. Am I a madman?? You know me Michael. Maybe I was
generalizing too much, but for me, as I said, the common stoff (on the Ebay
strewn field as Ron put it) holds no appeal whatsoever. Same as the severly
weathered material, I'd rather own a small Gao or Juancheng for a bit more
in price. One thing I really do miss about NWAs and such are the stories.
I've yet to hear about one that was used as an anvil or a doorstop for a
jail. To me that is part of the mystique, its the lineage of a meteorite,
commonly overlooked by collectors. You don't have that with the desert
meteorites. I own only a handfull of NWAs, had one classified myself, but
they are beginning to lose their place in my collection. Granted the rare
ones fill holes for odd classes, but they will be replaced as soon as I can
with a fall or non-Saharan find. They don't hold their value either $$.
Meteorite snobbery? Maybe...probably. But that is what sets all of us apart
and makes collecting so damn fun. Thanks for the discussion! Time to go cut
a new H3!! (not from the Sahara :)

Matt Morgan
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Hi Matt & all,
        I feel obliged to put in my two cents worth on NWA and Saharas:
        Of course, common typed - especially the fragments of same, hold no
appeal to me whatever and I cannot see what appeal they would hold for
        HOWEVER, there are MANY killer rare types, not the least of which are
3s (H3s, L3s & LL3s) and, of course, many other rare types, including
Lunars, Martians, etc. THESE are all of a great deal of interest to me.
        There is one other catacory that also holds a great deal of attracton
for me, and, aparently, more for me than most others: they are the
individuals (regardless of type) which, usually fully crusted, show
exceptional terrestrial age - such as whole Dhofar 020s with their
magnificent cracks & the other weathered specimens, such as the "hollow
sphere" I got in Denver, etc. They hold the same attraction as a sunken
ship, only partially delapidated, lying on the bottom of the ocean.....
        To write off all the NWA and Sahara meteorites, wholsale, is, to me,
the act of a mad man, but that's my two cents - of course, differences
in taste make the world go 'round.
        Best wishes, Michael

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