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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:01 2004
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Dear Luc Labenne:
   Do I have this correct? Of 400 kilo of meteorites that you found in one
small area (What a superbly wonderful find!) of the Sahara, one of which was
classified as an L6 with ringwoodite, you sold one half to a Moroccan dealer
so he in turn could sell them as unclassified NWAxxx, or whatever, to the
next French, English, American, Canadian or German collector, or dealer that
came along.
   I have no fight to pick with Frenchmen, I know some very ETHICAL
Frenchmen, and enjoy their company. I do look forward to the publication of
the locations of your meteorite finds, but why wait another year?
   I do not know the Tax Laws of France, but did you consider donating some
of the "excess" meteorites to French schools and universities as a tax write
off? Just think of all the children that would become future meteorite
collectors, why, they may even want to buy an L6 someday!
   And yes, I do have an address. However, I will be at the Tucson Show and
would be more than happy to discuss with you the price of the other 800
unclassified stones. I may even have a suggestion or two as to what you can
do with them.
Regards, Fred Hall
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