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From: Mike Farmer <farmerm_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:00 2004
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Bruno, I also thought that we had worked out our differences and agreed that we
could all get along and share the bounty, but that does not appear to be the
case. I know you were trying to get the achondrite becasue Brahim was making
offers on your behalf. When we got it then we heard that you were doing many
things to get us in trouble. Where do those rumors get started? I also will be
needing my export paper for my Igdi I got from you in Germany, I would hate to
have it taken from me..... Ill gues the Moroccan government will love the
compensation they get from you for the valuable meteorites you have "exported".
By the way, I hope you have the proper visa when coming to Tucson, of course as
a dealer you know well that it is illegal to enter the United States with a
simple Tourist visa that you get upon entry if you are planning to sell things
here, you need a business visa applied for in advance to sell your meteorites
here, Tucson has many Immigration officials as we are a border city.
    It is a shame that we have to fight like this but you cant seem to accept
that you can't have everthing.
Play nasty and I can too.
Mike Farmer

La Mémoire de la Terre wrote:

> Hey Mike Farmer, what's wrong with you?
> You should stop making fictions, take and aspirin and go sleeping.
> Before saying such bad things on the others you should prove them
> If you had customs problems, it seems that you're not clear. Passing through
> customs is not going to
> the supermarket: in all countries you have paperwork to do, in Morocco you
> have to go in Rabat at the Mine's Ministry with your broker and work all the
> authorisation in accord with the laws. We though you would know that.
> Now things are changing, a lot of countries are asking their material back
> in the case that the paperwork hasn't been done properly. Did you have all
> the official export papers for your meteorites ? Did you provide them for
> your customers ?
> How they will react when Morocco will ask for the restitution of the
> illegally exported material
> As your last super crazy mega funny oriented achondrite you just get ????
> We want to tell to all the collectors and institutions that all these
> countries will ask for their material back as they did for artefacts or
> fossils in the past.
> We don't mind about you Farmer, as we agree together in Gifhorn, there's
> enough place anywhere for anyone. We have never said that Morocco is our
> territory but we are working there for eight years now and if we are
> successful, it's only because people trust us and we have been clear and
> fair enough to have any enemies there.
> What is your problem ? you're jealous and you can't stand that French teams
> find so much good material !
> Saying bad things just before the Tucson show is the only thing that you
> found as commercial idea !!
> It's too simple to discredit all these teams that did spend lot of time and
> energy to get these rare rocks out of the
> desert destruction, you just arrive and try to corrupt the people that are
> working for years, fidelity is not for sell
> Farmer. Try to learn the local language, stop saying bad things around you
> and you will get the right things back.
> Thank you very much caus' you just lose you small credibility front of
> everybody...
> By the way, we will set up at the Inn Suites room# 182, we will have new:
> Lunar Mare Basalt, Diogenite,
> Shergottite LA like, Impact melt Breccia, CR2, CV3.5, CK5, Acapulcoite.. And
> surprises
> You're welcome anytime to share some time together and with these stellar
> jewels: Meteorites
> Sincerely,
> Bruno & Carine
> Mike Farmer Wrote:
> This makes me SICK! Franco, YOU ARE A LIAR!!!! I am just back from my 4th
> trip to Morocco. Let me tell everyone on this list the truth. THESE FRENCH
> ARE ALL buying meteorites in Morocco. I have been there enough to see what
> is happening. THEY ARE ALL lying to us. They have been for years. How do you
> think that this large market has formed over there. Bruno Fectay is now
> angry that I just bought an incredible oriented bullet shaped one kilo
> achondrite. He has been trying to get us in trouble in Morocco since almost
> two weeks ago when he found out we were there. They are pissed off at the
> perceived intrusion into "their" territory. Franco wont leave well enough
> alone. We are not the ones lying through our teeth. I have yet to find a
> meteorite in Morocco. Someday maybe, but not yet, nor have I said I have
> found any. All of the others though seem to only find their meteorites. WHAT
> CRAP!!!!!
> I have been told by EVERYONE there that ALL of the FRENCH dealers BUY
> meteorites there, Bruno and Carine Fectay, Marc, Luc, and Jim Labenne,
> Franco, and all others have bought and sold meteorites from the sellers
> there, most tell the truth about where they got them, some do not.
> Franco, stop with this " holier than though %##$ ^E$%$# and back off"
> It is getting old. The French started the whole Morocco fiasco, the
> Americans and Canadians are simply branching out there. So go whine to your
> countrymen about the mess that they started.
> I warn any people that want to go to Morocco that certain French people are
> now trying to cause problems with customs for any Americans that go for
> meteorites to Morocco.
> This is starting to piss me off just a tad Bruno, watch out or the problems
> can be started here in Tucson too. This is my turf, if you want to get me
> in trouble in Africa, I assure you that I can play the same game here.
> PS, I had the priveledge of watching the full Lunar eclipse from the Sahara
> Desert, I didnt even know that it was coming, but it sure was awe inspiring.
> Holding meteorites and looking up as the moon grew red and dark, the stars
> brightened, the wind blew....... Wonderful.
> Michael Farmer
> Meteorite HUNTER, BUYER, SELLER, and everything in between.
> Have a nice day!
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