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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:00 2004
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"Darryl S. Futrell" wrote:
> Back in 1968 I traded for a 10 gram slice of Takysie Lake, BC, Canada. It
> had been written up in the Dec. 1967 issue of Meteoritics (which I don't see
> on my bookshelf) by Nininger, Huss, or both. They weren't sure if the many
> stones Nininger or both found were meteoritic or not, but Nininger was
> convinced they all had fusion crusts. It was suggested that they might be
> lunar, which aroused my curiosity. My slice doesn't look like anything
> lunar to me, but then, I haven't seen a full variety of Apollo rock types.
> My slice has a light brownish stain for a crust. If it originally had more
> of a fusion crust, it didn't survive the slicing.
> I never heard another word about it, except that some tests had been
> inconclusive. Has anyone ever heard of these Takysie Lake stones and what
> they turned out to be?

Hi Darryl and List,

In the MetBase remarks section I found the following information:

"The brecciated material collected, H.H.Nininger and G.I.Huss,
Meteoritics, 1967, 3, p.169, is probably a conglomerate or breccia,
A.L.Graham et al., Cat. Met., London, 1985."

Literature with keywords on Takysie:

Huss G.I. (1967) "Field investigation of the Takysie stones", 1966
(abs.) Meteoritics 3(3), 113.

Huss G.I. (1977) "Significance of the Yamato meteorites" Meteoritics
12(2), 141-144

Nininger H.H. (1967) "Discovery of the Takysie, B.C., stone", 1965
(abs.) Meteoritics 3(3), 121

Nininger, Huss (1967) "The Takysie Lake, B.C., Stones: Meteorites or
Moon Rock?" Meteoritics (3(4), 169-178

There seems to be no more recent info on this one.

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