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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:00 2004
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Hi, List --

   I really enjoyed Polacco's book - we read it to our kids many
times. About 7 or 8 years ago, she was on a book tour in Houston,
and we went to hear her read from Meteor! She had brought a piece
of the 'meteor' along, and showed it off. To me, it appeared to be a
piece of granite. Its been a while, but I seem to remeber it was pink
and gray.

    Allan Treiman

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> Hi list,
> Hope all is well with everyone. Here is a mystery that has baffled me for
> some time. An author claims that a cemetary headstone for her grandmother
> is
> from a meteorite.
> To begin with....Some years ago I bought a children's story book by author
> Patricia Polacco, entitled METEOR! It's about an alleged meteor which
> fell
> on her grandmother's farm near Union City Michigan many years ago and the
> town reception celebrating it's arival. Cute story. I personally was born
> and
> raised in Kalamazoo Michigan, some 40 miles away. In the book the author
> describes how the meteorite which fell had been studied by scientists from
> University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Battle Creek
> College.
> But looking further into this, I could not find any listing in any calalog
> about this meteorite or event. The children's story ends with the
> meteorite
> being used as a tombstone marker for the author's grandmother. All of the
> landmarks and towns the author uses, is familiar to me being a former
> Michigander.
> What makes this even more interesting is when I looked up the author's
> name
> on the internet and she now lives at her grandmother's home and has called
> it
> METEOR RIDGE FARM. With the following address, anyone on the internet can
> look at this headstone: http://www.patriciapolacco.com/htour.html There
> you'll see the author kneeling next to the headstone. Looks a bit like a
> pallasite from a distance.
> Does anyone on this list know more about this??? I still have relatives
> near
> Kalamazoo, but only go once a year for a day, and have not had a chance to
> go
> to the actual cemetary (it does exist) and look at the tombstone first
> hand.
> Would appreciate imput from any list member who knows more about this
> mystery.
> Thanks all
> Steven L. Sachs
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