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From: Gary Hansen <garyhansen_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:58 2004
Message-ID: <20010111235236.17189.qmail_at_web6403.mail.yahoo.com>

Hello David and List,

I was afraid of this. David raises a valid point. Is
my site a scrapbook shared among friends, or is it
more like a published anthology? I can understand his
objection. He worked hard on it his material, and it
shows. It's my favorite site. That is why I refer to
it often.

In my own defense, I would point out that my site is
non-commercial. I make no claims of authorship. I
attribute the sources and even provide links for
getting there. (At some point, the lawyers among you
would say that this becomes a "derivative work". I
honestly don't know at what point this occurs.) I
even raised the issue with the group. This is, I
think, unusually careful by web standards.

The bottom line is: if David doesn't like it, the
right thing to do is remove the material. I have done
this now. If this the prevailing view, I will take
down the site. It's not worth anyone's excess energy.

I believed that copyright law makes allowance for
"fair use" of extracted material for scholarly
purposes. I had assumed that this was the case here,
and honestly thought no one would object. (I repeat,
regardless of the law, the author's wishes should

I hate getting involved in public wrangles on the
internet. It is hard because people frequently don't
know each other and it's hard to assure one another of
good intentions. Be assured I wish to offend no one,
or transgress any norms of scholarship.

Best Wishes,


--- David Weir <dweir_at_cegi.net> wrote:> Hello Gary,>
> You have asked the listmembers if they object to>
your copying their
> writing and using it on your website. While this is>
not as bad as
> copying an entire website (this was actually done>
once!), it is not an
> honest way to build a website and is also
redundant.> I notice that text
> from my website has been copied verbatim on your>
site. If you read, my
> website has been copyrighted against such use. My>
information is
> compiled and distilled from many papers with due>
care to avoid
> plagiarism. I welcome those who would quote from it>
but absolutely not
> those who take complete texts from it. I challenge>
you to do your own
> writing and I'm sure you will take greater pride in>
your website. >
> Regards,> David Weir

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