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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:58 2004
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Hi Mark,
        You are describing a "Kris" - a traditional blade made in the islands
which are part of "The Ring of Fire" and they are made of a combination
of Volcanic iron mixed with meteoritic iron.
        They are also referred to as a "Bondoc Blade." Usually they are in a
wooden handle less than 50 years old, but the blades were primarily made
a couple of hundred years or more ago, using very specific mechanical,
ritual and "magical" techniques - taken VERY seriously.
        There is a lore about them that a powerful "Witch Dr." can kill a man
just by pointing it at him - almost certainly derived from the
combination of rust and tropics resulting in tetinus (lock jaw) within a
couple of days if one is merely scratched, even in the slightest, by a
rusty iron blade - so, a mere touch that drew the slightest blood would
result in death in pre-modern medicinal times.
        There was a terrific article you could probably look up on the web - I
believe it was called, "The Bondoc Blade" and was published, I THINK, in
some knife magazine several years back.
        I have seen "fakes" but they were crude. The real thing typically sells
for $200, depending on the quality and condition of the haft and
scabbard. Another factor, is exceptional characteristics, such as
"serpentine" curves in high number, etc. Additionally, the lance or
spear points tend to go for $500, though, in most cases, they are not as
impressive as a nice knife blade.
        Hunt me up at Tucson and I will tell you if it is authentic, which it
most likely is (I have seen dosens of real ones and only a few fakes).
        I have a couple of them and if people are interested, I can post a JPEG
somewhere to which readers can link.
        Best wishes, Michael

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