[meteorite-list] Madison NJ Fireball(?) of 21 Sept 1927

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Subject: (meteorobs) Claim to witness 21 Sept 1927
meteorite fall in Madison NJ USA?
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Dear Professor Hewins,
What are the chances that this article could be
researched to see if Madison was witness to an actual
meteor fall. My limited research indicates that there
are no known falls in Madison, NJ.
If this is the case it should be noted for the record
books. As far as I know, no molten remains have ever
existed from an impact. This most likely was a fraud.
This article was sent to me from the Madison Library. 
Joe DuPont
P.O. box 189
GIllette,N.J. 07933
908 647 1000 ext 250
Madison News Paper Artcle of Fallen Meteorite.
                         Meteor Fell In Orchard
                   Section Early This Morning
                 The crash of a falling meteor
people in the Orchard section about 5:45 o'clock this
morning. The great ball of fire striking the ground in
the middle of Lathrop Avenue near Orchard Street. The
whole section was filled with smoke for a while, and
the crash cause houses to appear to rock and people
feared an earthquake.
The meteor on striking the ground sunk into the earth
leaving a hole about three feet across and 5 feet deep
and crusted as though molten metal had been poured
over it.
Augustus Wilson, a brother of  I.R Wilson,  and who
lives in Lathrop avenue, saw the great ball of fire
come out of the heavens. In a moment it struck the
ground with a loud explosion. Volumes of black vapor 
arose and enveloped the section. Many people mistook
the noise for lightening that had been heard
throughout the night. The presence of the hole and Mr.
Wilson's witness of the phenomenon gave proof that a
meteor had
                                 Sept. 21 1927 page 7 
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