[meteorite-list] Another Metal Detector Question

From: Kelly Webb <kelly_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:56 2004
Message-ID: <3A56B434.239B6D72_at_bhil.com>

Hi, List!

    Can anyone comment on the suitability (or lack of it) of the Fisher
M-Scope Model CZ-6 for hunting meteorites specifically? This particular
one has a nine-inch coil. As the ground is frozen solid, I can't test it
burying a Sikhote-Alin in my front yard! Although it does a fine job of
finding all the nails in my kitchen floor, this is not a very
test. It also picks up a 100-gram H5 at about 18 inches away (no dirt,
just air space). It seems to like the gromets in my tennis shoes, too.
More unsophisticated tests, and I don't know any sophisticated tests.
    Anybody familiar with this model? Is it worthwhile buying this used
one (which is what I am contemplating here)?

Sterling K. Webb
Received on Sat 06 Jan 2001 12:59:17 AM PST

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