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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:39 2004
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        If you get this, I would LOVE to have it as well (just the description
- not ness. the book) I am sure Pluto would be MUCH smaller than an
orange if the earth were a golf ball - loved hearing the moon would be a
marble 3 feet away - VERY instructive.
        GIVE US MORE !
        Thanks, Michael
KHe1144783_at_aol.com wrote:
> Does anyone still have access to the "Perspective of Planets" that I read
> about ? It refers to the earth being a golf ball, the moon being a marble,
> 3-Ft. away, Mars being an apple 50-Ft. away Etc. And on to Pluto WAY out
> there, like 2 miles away and just an Orange or somthing. Lay people dont "Get
> It" when it comes to perspective of the Solar System and are astonished when
> you give it to them in terms that they understand. Id love to print this out,
> to memorize. Ballke, Bernd ?,. anyone ? Thanks Kris
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