[meteorite-list] Ross Canyon and Kem-Kem classification

From: Robert Verish <bolidechaser_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:39 2004
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I can guarantee that you DO NOT have NWA 050 or 051.

And there is one other thing that I'm certain of, and
that is - on your label the only two pieces of
information that are valid, are:

"stone chondrite", and "Morocco"

all the other "misinformation" is speculative.

Regarding NWA 050 & 051 (and other "Moroccans"):

Kem Kem is not an approved name for a meteorite.
Kem Kem and Taouz are areas of "Possible Origin".
Tagounite is the name of a town which has a bazaar
that sells many, MANY different meteorites.
So, Tagounite is a "Place of Purchase"

Although Tagounite (IIIAB) and Taouz (L6) are approved
names for meteorites, the use of these terms as "place
names" in the Meteoritical Bulletin should NOT be
construed as having any relationship to the (IIIAB) or
(L6) meteorites.

In the case of NWA 050 & 051, the importers memory is
relied upon for the accuracy of the information for
areas of "Possible Origin" and "Place of Purchase".
For instance, had the coin come up "heads", the
"Possible Origin" would have been Taouz instead of the
now documented "Kem Kem".

Now that I've tried to explain what little I know
about these NWAs, why do I feel like all that I have
done is nothing more than having poured a glass of
clear sparkling water into a muddy river?

Bob V.


Message: 13
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 17:02:12 -0700
From: Mike Farmer <farmerm_at_concentric.net>
To: Tracy Latimer <tracyl_at_lib.state.hi.us>
Cc: meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com
Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Ross Canyon and Kem-Kem

Sorry to hear that Tracy, they were selling everything
as Kem Kem, I am not sure who had so much of it, but
we are being very responsible with our NWA meteorites.
Unfortunately it seems others are not. I have log
books with all of the peices, and we are getting #s
for everything possible.
Mike Farmer

Tracy Latimer wrote:

> To add to the confustion, I pulled out my Kem Kem
> sample, and this is whatI found on the card from the

> dealer:
> Kem Kem
> Stone Chondrite
> H5?
> Found: August 1999
> Dahara, Morocco
> TKW: Unknown
> As you said, sometimes more questions than answers.
> Since the classification was apparently only
> tentative, I'm no longer sure which one
> I have, especially if more than one fall/find are
now > called Kem Kem!
> Tracy Latimer
> --more confused than ever--
> On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Bernd Pauli HD wrote:
> > Matteo Chinellato wrote:
> >
> > > I have the Kem Kem classificated L6 total mass
> > > kg.
> > > Question mark no. 1: Purchased from Moroccan
> > > dealers - Who ?
> > > Question mark no. 2: Possible origin - Where
> > > exactly?
> > > Question mark no. 3: Place of purchase = place >
> > > of find (?) or "Where is Where?"
> >
> > There are two "Kem Kems" (only two?):
> >
> > a) NWA 050 / 1145 gr / H5
> > b) NWA 051/ 0330 gr / L4
> >
> > Sometimes even a comprehensive database fails
> > to perform properly and adequately .... Sigh ...!
> >
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