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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:38 2004
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Re: Three questions:

Yes, there are no meaningful answers to these questions, just as in the case
of Antarctic finds. But that doesn't make them any less interesting,
especially when you find LL3's, C0 3.3's, CK5's, yum! yum! What would we do
otherwise, allow them to decay on the desert? Its nice for collectors, and
researchers to have locations to the extent that is possible. However, for
the pure experience of studying a given type, it doesn't necessary matter
where it fell. "A meteorite by any other name is still a meteorite". (Or
something like that. Who said that?) (And they are magnitudes less
expensive!) *** See my ad in the next issue of METEORITE! ***

Ron Hartman

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Subject: [meteorite-list] Ross Canyon and Kem-Kem classification

> Matteo Chinellato wrote:
> > I have the Kem Kem classificated L6 total mass 75 kg.
> Hello Matteo and List,
> Isn't it really an annoying affair with those meteorites from
> the Hot Deserts which swamp the market and have, instead
> of unambiguous information, three question marks:
> Question mark no. 1: Purchased from Moroccan dealers - Who ?
> Question mark no. 2: Possible origin - Where exactly?
> Question mark no. 3: Place of purchase = place of find (?) or
> "Where is Where?"
> There are to "Kem Kems" (only two?):
> a) NWA 050 / 1145 gr / H5
> b) NWA 051/ 0330 gr / L4
> One would fit Tracy's info with regard to classification, the other
> would (almost) fit Matteo's info. The only meteorite that is close
> to the mass Matteo provided would be Northwest Africa 055 with
> a mass of 42 kg, but, alas, it's also an L4!
> Or what about Northwest Africa 059 with a mass of 27 kg, but this one
> is an H3.9/4, or even better: Zag (a) with a mass of 175 kg and a H3-6
> classification?
> Sometimes even a comprehensive database fails
> to perform properly and adequately .... Sigh ...!
> Best wishes,
> Bernd
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