Fwd: [meteorite-list] Apparent Meteor Flashes In The Sky Over Vermont

From: Jim & Mafi Tolley <tolley_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:38 2004
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Well, it looks like we Vermonters still have to wait for our first find or
fall. My wife experienced a similar event about a year ago. green ball with
short yellow tail. horizon to horizon , giving the appearance of going down
somewhere nearby. but no boom.


>Apparent meteor flashes in the sky
>Rutland Herald (Vermont)
>December 28, 2000
>The Associated Press
>BURLINGTON - A bright object that raced across the Vermont and was seen by
>scores of people was probably a meteor, officials say.
>Reports of the object, which was heading east to west at about 6:30 p.m.
>Tuesday, came in from around the state: Vergennes, Milton, Guilford, Essex,
>"It was very green -- neon green -- streaking across the sky," said Donna
>Day of Essex. "It had an orange tail. It disappeared behind the horizon and
>there was a flash of light."
>The National Weather Service took many calls Tuesday evening about the
>object, including one from the Vermont State Police and another from Vermont
>Emergency Management, said Bill Grady, a forecaster at the weather office.
>Grady said he didn't see it, and doesn't know what it was, but he guesses it
>was probably a meteor.
>Many witnesses said the object seemed close, and appeared to crash nearby.
>But Grady said it was probably much farther away than it appeared.
>"Normally if it lands, you're going to hear that sucker," Grady said. No
>reports came in about noise associated with the apparent meteor.
>The object was bright enough to be seen clearly even under city lights.
>Gloria Gibson of Colchester said she saw it as she drove north on Shelburne
>"I saw what looked like a small comet," Gibson said. "It looked like it was
>immediately going to hit down, I would have said on North Avenue."
>Gibson described the object as bright yellow. She opened her car window to
>hear what she thought would be a crash, but she didn't notice any noise.
>Grady said no major meteor showers are expected this time of year, but every
>once in a while a rogue celestial object crashes into the Earth's
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