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Briefly summarized:

On May 6, 2000, just before 2 P.M. Central European Daylight Savings Time, a
very bright daytime bolide soared over the Czech Republic, Poland, and
Slovakia. It was comparable to the brightness of the sun. It's passage
through the atmosphere was accompanied by a huge explosion heard from a
distance of more than 30 miles. There were dozens of reports made to two
observatories that operate in the region. Three people called to say they
had captured the bolide using video camers and as a result, the bolide's
precise trajectory was determined. Scientists examined a 214.2 gram piece
of the meteorite and a 1 gram slice was sent for classification. Petr Jakes
of Charles University in Prague identified the meteorite as an ordinary
chondrite (H6). Three weeks later, another meteorite from the fall weighing
329.5 grams was found 3 kilometers from the first. So far, over 20 pieces
of the Beskydy meteorite have been found.

A more precise location was not mentioned in the article. However, it did
state that the original 214.2 gram piece was at the Observatory and
Planetarium in Ostrava.

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Can you briefly summarize the article? Where did this one fall? I never
heard of it.
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> In the February 2001 issue of Astronomy Magazine, on page 115, there is a
> nice article about the bolide and the meteorites that were recovered from
> the Beskydy fall on May 6, 2000. It also states over 20 pieces of the
> Beskydy meteorite were recovered.
> Does anyone have any of this meteorite yet?
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