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Hi Matteo,

David Weir has a short write-up about Haxtun on his website that you might
want to look at.

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Dear Bernd

Thanks for the help but the mistery is if is really a


--- Bernd Pauli HD
<bernd.pauli_at_lehrer1.rz.uni-karlsruhe.de> ha scritto:
> Matteo Chinellato wrote:
> > Haxtun classification is H/L4, but in the
> Catalogue ... L4
> Hello Matteo and List,
> Haxtun was classified as an i n t e r m e d i a t e
> type by A.E.
> Rubin. Its olivine value (Fa24.6 0.4) makes it an
> L chondrite but,
> on the other hand, its pyroxene value (Fs17.8 1.3)
> clearly makes
> it an H chondrite. There is a paper by A. Rubin
> about such ordinary
> chondrites with atypical mineral compositions.
> Best wishes for a
> Happy New Year,
> Bernd

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