[meteorite-list] Ursids?

From: Starbits_at_aol.com <Starbits_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:37 2004
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<Anyone see any good displays from the Ursid shower? Despite near-perfect
skies and an excellent view from my lanai (due N, clear visibility in a full
quadrant from NW to zenith to NE), I only saw 1, maybe 2 Ursids and 1
 sporadic, which was the brightest of all.>

Hello Tracy

   I went out about 12:20 Tucson time and saw a sporatic within 2 minutes.
Then nothing for 20 minutes. Just as I was about to go back inside for a bit
I saw a Ursid. Waited another 15 minutes nothing, got up and halfway to the
house saw another. A bit after 1am I saw three in about 5 minutes and then
nothing more. Great night for it, no moon, no clouds and temp in the 50's.

Eric Olson
Received on Fri 22 Dec 2000 05:00:15 PM PST

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