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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:36 2004
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Hello again and thank you everyone who helped me with lots of information
about getting my meteorite collection started.I am visiting Fernlea
Meteorites tomorrow afternoon to buy my first English meteorite called World
Cottage from Rob Elliot.
Merry Christmas!
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> Hi Paul, your email arrived just fine.
> OK, tomorrow afternoon is good for me if it's good for you. Sorry that I
> can't arrange it for any evenings around Christmas but I'll have visitors
> from Thursday night......are you really sure you want to drive all that
> just for 2 or 3 hours here?
> <<what group did you play drums in?>>
> Several during the late 70's and 80's, during and after my college days.
> It's probably not as grand as you read in that magazine article because
> of my studio recordings were as a session drummer. I have also played live
> with some well known artists....t'was all a long time ago though!
> Band members crossed over to work on separate projects but Liverpool
> Spooky Tooth and The Damned are probably the best known bands that I've
> worked with in some shape or form.
> When you're more familiar with the Web, you can download some tracks of
> from a web site at www.napster.com
> See you on Thursday.....give me a call if there's any change of plan or if
> you get lost!
> Cheers,
> Rob Elliott.
> http://fernlea.tripod.com/forsale.html
> Fernlea Meteorites,
> The Wynd,
> Milton of Balgonie,
> Fife. KY7 6PY
> United Kingdom
> Tel: +44-(0)1592-751563
> Fax: +44-(0)1592-751991
> Email: fernlea4_at_aol.com
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