[meteorite-list] More on the Virus!

From: Troy <Troy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:36 2004
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Hi Don and all
Since the last virus emailed a while back, I decided to take my address book
and copy it to a notepad file. Then I erased all the entries in my address
book. This way I can not infect anyone else, should I get infected, as the
virus will look at the address book to send out its payload and see no
addresses. When I need to email someone, I just bring up the notepad file
and copy/paste the address into the "to header". Perfectly safe for now,
even though I have never been infected, one can not be too safe.
Just a couple grams worth.
Troy Bell

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From: Don Young <dcyoung1_at_swbell.net>
To: Meteorite List <meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 1:38 PM
Subject: [meteorite-list] More on the Virus!

>Hi All,
>At this time I know of two members that have received copies of the
>Snowhite E-Mail is the last couple of days. I have not received one
>myself since Sunday. How many of you received one Monday OR Tuesday
>OR later??
>Since my IP address is dynamic (changes each time that I
>sign onto my internet service) it would be hard to track.
>So what I am going to do is to include my current IP address with
>each post.
>I am also keeping a log of my IP addresses.
>Current IP is:
>Don Young (Faux-Oro) aka (Fools-Gold)
>Have Cesium MagnetometerS
>Will travel if you have a Site we can work together.
>Have my own US METEORITE HUNTERS index by GPS Lat and Lon
>and detailed maps for EACH meteorite..
>Dallas, Texas
>My Hobbies: Gold prospecting, Metal detecting and Meteorites
>hobby pics:
>Meteorites found at Odessa Tx. With mag. Lg 1 at 16"+, sm at 6"+
>1856 army pistol ball and cap cylinder
>Home made dredge:
>(SUCKING UP--a target) Detector and suction hose
>A little gold in the pan
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