[meteorite-list] Lafayette-a possible fall?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:36 2004
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Dear Bernd & List

When I retell the Lafayette meteorite story to people
that have not heard it before, very often I get asked
the question, "What exactly do the records for the
collection at the University say about who donated
this specimen? What does the curator for the
collection remember about how the specimen was

Does anybody have a detailed answer to these
questions, or did these questions prove to be too
embarrassing to the University and they never got
documented in detail?

Bob V.

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Subject: Re:[meteorite-list] Lafayette-a possible

Matt Morgan schrieb:

> Not long ago, I remember reading somewhere that the
> Nakhlite Lafayette may have been a witnessed fall.
> However, I cannot seem to find the reference! An
> old Nininger pub comes to mind, but I am drawing a
> blank. Can someone help me out? I know this stone
> unharmed while on earth, but does show signs
> of ET weathering. Thanks in advance.

Hi Matt and List,

S t e v e S c h o n e r posted this to the List in
Apr 1999!

The Published Papers of H.H. Nininger: pp. 247-251.

Nothing is known regarding the time at which this
remarkable meteorite fell, but its fresh appearance
renders it practically certain that it had not lain on
the earth for a very long time before it was picked up
and protected against abuses of a mechanical nature.
The story is told that a colored student of Purdue
University reported that a number of years ago while
fishing at the edge of a little lake he was frightened
by the falling of a stone at a distance of only a few
feet from him.
This stone he later dug from the soft mud and found it
to be "shaped just like a "corn pone" and of about the
same size. For a time he preserved the stone. It was
thought that he had brought it to the University, but
these reports have not been substantiated for the
reason that the person could not be located.

Best wishes,


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